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Hand Embroidered or Woven

The art of hand embroidery is a talent that fewer and fewer artisans are mastering. The Slabbinck family has nurtured this art for generations. During WWII, embroidered reproductions of valuable oil paintings were created in the workrooms of Slabbinck's studio. This was a way for the skilled craftsmen to remain employed and Slabbinck could retain a talented and highly skilled staff. This dedication to the art remains at Slabbinck today. Handwoven textiles and Vestments are also becoming more scarce as the artisans in training reduce in numbers. The Cosgrave Company supports these talented artisans by encouraging you to consider an investment in lasting quality design. Most of the hand embroidered tapestries are commissioned and one of a kind pieces. Please inquire to info@cosgraves.net or Toll Free 800-228-9785.
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